Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows ignite a love of learning by linking lessons in the classroom with real-world problems. 

We invite you to be a Teaching Fellow, whether you are currently teaching subjects at a university or a practitioner wanting to share practical knowledge with others who want to work on the same problem. 

Teaching Fellows are encouraged to collaborate with a small unit at the city government level and actively co-design and prototype projects over a one to two year period. Click here for Videos on a Teaching Fellow's Journey

Teaching Fellow Levels  


Level 1

Aligns some course assignments in classes she teaches with selected local real-world problems, preferably over two or more semesters. Level 1 Teaching Fellows are required to share emerging insights and analyses via three 5-minute Youtube mini-lectures per semester. All Teaching Fellows are encouraged to align with existing social labs in your area in order to optimize gains from student and faculty efforts. Their students are encouraged to submit a 3-minute Youtube of their research outputs similar to this video

Level 2

A Teaching Fellow Level 2 does Level 1 roles plus a few more functions, including advising some students from classes, departments, or universities other than her own. She also coordinates with other Level 1 Teaching Fellows working on the same problem, and fosters research alignment and synergy. She coaches Level 1 Teaching Fellows and equips them to move to Level 2. For her action-research, she engages in some dialogue with local implementors or policymakers. 

Level 3

A Teaching Fellow Level 3 performs functions from Level 2 plus helps cultivate and steer the emerging research ecosystem. She links her action-research with collaborators in other cities. She also mobilizes  resources to support the research ecosystem. She actively works with social lab steering committees to help shape the research agenda. 

Level 4

Fellows at Level 4 help lead and strengthen the social lab ecosystem at the city and country levels. She also supports policy advocacy work at the university and sectoral levels. She also nurtures Level 3 Teaching Fellows to reach Level 4.